Saturday, 25 August 2012

Have Booth's Lost It?

I always liked shopping at Booth's supermarket - especially at the friendly Clitheroe branch. I never particularly liked their Longridge store which I thought second rate. However, Booth's at Longridge has recently been refurbished and extended.

Reading an online article about 'Store Wars', this morning, I noticed the following:

On the shop floor, Booths plan to emphasise the differences between themselves and Waitrose. “Our customers perceive us as a large deli or self-service grocery store, so we’re differentiating ourselves by re-engineering the brand to express ‘the human touch,’ “ explains Edwin Booth. “We are dropping the word supermarket from the logo, modernising the type face and making it colourful.”

I hadn't noticed the word supermarket was gone but I had noticed that the signs boards were now in Funereal Black instead of the previous Mock Maroon. Anyway, standing in the checkout queue this morning, I noticed there was only one shopping separator on each till - you know, the plastic divider that keeps people's shopping separate to the person's behind.

I asked the young assistant why there was only one? 'Dunno!' she said. Is there a reason for it, I asked? 'Dunno!' came the repeat reply. At least she didn't utter 'Dunno, innit!' It gave me immense satisfaction when she asked whether the huge pile of shopping next to mine was . . . mine! It wasn't.

As I was leaving, I asked an older assistant where I could find the manager. She asked if she could help and I told her what had happened. Eureka! It seems that the dividers kept falling down the side of the till and can't be reached! They don't know when they will get replacements, if at all. Ho, hum!

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