Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Snow and Bramblings

Originally uploaded by tom_charles
Well, waking up to snow in Longridge (again) was a shock, but not unexpected as Met Office NW had kindly pushed out a flash warning on the subject late last night. Thankfully, it is already melting. That said, I now have even more Bramblings ground feeding beneath the bird table. There are, currently, 24 male birds feeding with not a female bird in sight. I wonder why?

This excellent photo was taken by Tom Charles who posted it on Flickr this morning. Well done, Tom!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Laurie. I am impressed that you have 24 Bramblings in your garden but can't explain why they might all be males except that darker, older females may resemble males in the field but can be separated in the hand. Maybe you need a tame bird ringer in your garden? If you visit my blog again there are at least 2 pictures of bacon butties which will help you identify one should you come across the species in the wilds of Longridge.