Friday, 17 December 2010

Allotment hopes dashed at first hurdle?

If there is something that Longridge really needs, it is more allotment plots to allow residents to grow their own vegetables. The Ribble Valley Strategic Partnership group spotted, reported the Lancashire Telegraph, an opportunity for a growing scheme at a former bowling green behind the Indian Lounge Restaurant in Longridge. 
The land behind the eating place, better known to residents as the Dog Inn, has evidently been derelict for some fifteen years. But Partnership chairman and Longridge councillor Rupert Swarbrick said when he contacted the landowners, Enterprise Inns, he was told they would not endorse the scheme.
A spokesman later, reportedly said,  they are "currently reviewing their options for the land at the back of the pub with regards to what is best for the local community and for the business in the long term.
Funny how the land has remained overgrown for so long, but the review allegedly commenced when people showed an interest! Let us hope that their review conclusion does not involve selling the land for a block of flats to be built when setting the land aside for allotments would be such a valuable contribution to us locals! What do you think?
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